Friday, March 14, 2014

The Sentinel's Insurgency ~ Author Jennifer Osborne

Author ~ Jennifer Osborn 


Baylor Sayne had accepted his fate as a slave to the Emperor of the Beto Universe, hunting and tracking down enemies of the state and killing even more. His life blended into a sea of nameless faces that stopped mattering to him years ago.  It was not until he was ordered to hunt down the emperor’s missing sister that his life changed forever. Trained from birth as a relentless hunter, he tried to make her just another job. Nonetheless, he’d heard people talk about the missing girl, Ti, as a gentle soul and beautiful girl. Tracking her and making her return to Calias seemed to him a waste of time and effort, but he tried to make her just another job. Then he met her. Would he be able to survive the failure of the mission and save both of their lives?

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